Data Management System

  • Data cleansing services.
  • Data entry and financial servicest.


Data Cleansing


AEDS is offering Data Cleansing Services to the companies to reduce the uncertainties in their master data . It is the process of removing duplicate, erroneous, typographical and technical mistakes.


Why to clean the Master Data?


Master Data cleansing is the continuous process which should be carried out by the organizations on monthly, quarterly, half yearly or at least on yearly basis. Cleansing is required for two special reasons

  • To avoid mistakes in financial and non financial informations.
  • To correctly identify the quantity ,location, exact value, planning and historical records.
  • To title the mother manufacturer name of spare parts which helps in identifying the exact manufacturer of the part which ultimately leads to lower costs of repairs.
  • Aging of the inventories in order to locate slow moving and dead items While moving to new software specially ERPs i.e. SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards etc.


Types of Master Data


Master data mainly includes spare parts, finished goods, inventories, raw material, vendor master, customer master. Procedures to correct master data

We restructure your master data keeping in view current industrial nomenclatures, mother manufacturing numbers and supplier catalogue numbers in a way so that it become easier for the industries to recognize their parts in all available titles. The following processes are being used in master data cleansing process;

We use to define your serial numbers and coding in a way that it becomes easier for all users to identify the exact parts name, location, metal and other identifiers as you may require.

  • Manual Cleansing Procedure.
  • Automated Cleansing Procedure through different programs and soft wares.
  • (Combined) Both of above.


Online Data Entry/Financial Accounting Services


(AEDS) Alif Excellence and Development Solutions is offering Offshore Online/Offline Data Entry Services for those companies who want to spend more time in focusing main areas of the businesses and to avoid the extra work load and ultimately want to outsource data entry services. Our highly trained and experienced team will provide your company with the high quality of work. Our team is highly equipped with the latest technology and they can proficiently handle any kind of online data services from state-of-the-art data centers. Following data entry services are being offered

  • Online SAP data entry services
  • Online Oracle data entry services
  • Online JD Edwards data entry services
  • Manual Data Entry
  • Offshore Accounting and book keeping services
  • Accounting and book keeping data entry
  • Payroll Processing
  • Document Data Entry
  • Forms Data Entry
  • Financial Reporting
  • Maintenance of Accounts
  • Preparing Annual/half yearly/quarterly/monthly accounts
  • Detailed analytical reviews of your annual/half yearly accounts with available historical records
  • Specialized internal audit jobs