A sufficient substitute of your meals

Nashta presents ENERGY BAR. This nutritious bar is for all ages and is a highly balanced nutritional snack. It is known to refuel your energy pre and post workout and is ideal for a quick boost in rapid decline of energy. Nashta’s energy bar set even a higher standard in providing enhanced mental alertness along with aiding and digestion. One can easily replace it with the meal on the go or due to the lack of time. It vitalizes energy and enables one to develop focus instantly after any stressful activities

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We have set the standards high on chosing ingredients for our energy bar as we firmly believed that the first and most credible resource for production of a bar has to be from sources that are acknowledged as the finest in regards to their respective ingredient chosen. Eight high concentration natural ingredients were finalized after a year long research and development phase in order to get the final conclusion of having the energy bar to possess the ultimate balanced taste and essence for utmost vitalization of energy.





Our Nashta energy bar is a miracle bar that will turn your body and mind into fitness dream. It is designed to enhance your current workout plan, providing your brain muscles with much-needed fuel, and this one is ideal for occasional breakfast replacement. When you partake of the bars in a smart manner and continuing your current healthy eating plan, you will soon begin to notice the benefits of the bars and the results of your hard work. Mental alertness has been known to play a vital role in studies as well as mind consuming activities and after a long and hard struggle our energy bar has been achieved on highest standards keeping the cost effective nature of it in mind. This affordable bar weighs 50g and has energy of about 286 KCAL,combined with accurate concentration of ingredients in their finest respective measurements.


Along with the wide range of internationally acclaimed products, other range of five local products to include salt, peanuts, eggs, baking powder and rice flakes are also included as vital ingredients in the energy bar as well. Our focus on acquiring a complete energy bar deemed to require the outcome of a product that is most absolute in its existence meeting the needs for what it has been assembled for. Each and every single ingredient of Nasta’s Energy Bar has been assigned a specific gram-based weight in order to sustain the highest possible quality of KCAL measurement along with perfect heating for the bar to attain a tone and crisp that can enable the eater to have a fine and balanced taste.